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  • field hockey: a game resembling ice hockey that is played on an open field; two opposing teams use curved sticks try to drive a ball into the opponents’ net
  • Hockey refers to a family of sports in which two teams play against each other by trying to maneuver a ball, or a puck, into the opponent’s goal, using a hockey stick.
  • Hockey is an album by John Zorn featuring his early “game piece” composition of the same name. The album, first released on vinyl on Parachute Records in 1980, (tracks 4-9), and later re-released on CD on Tzadik Records with additional bonus tracks as part of the The Parachute Years Box Set in


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funny hockey quotes

funny hockey quotes – Memorable Quotations

Memorable Quotations from Sports Figures
Memorable Quotations from Sports Figures
This compilation of notable quotations is a treasure of perceptive wisdom and sharp wit gleaned from the words of famous sports figures, including Hank Aaron, Muhammad Ali, Sparky Anderson, Arthur Ashe, Charles Barkley, Yogi Berra, Terry Bradshaw, Harry Caray, Roberto Clemente, Dale Earnhardt, Chris Evert, Wayne Gretzky, Lou Holtz, Sam Huff, Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, Billie Jean King, Bobby Knight, Tommy Lasorda, Vince Lombardi, John Madden, John McEnroe, Jack Nicklaus, Chuck Noll, Tom Osborne, Satchel Paige, Arnold Palmer, Joe Paterno, Bum Phillips, Pat Riley, Art Rooney, Ayrton Senna, George Steinbrenner, John Wooden, Tiger Woods, and Al Davis.

Day 72/365 "Your Not Allowed Back" lmao

Day 72/365 "Your Not Allowed Back" lmao
so today was fun slept til 12 it felt great, talked to daniela for awhile then went and picked up em. we went to the jaqueline shoppe to look for prom dresses but they were very expensive and ugly so we didn’t get 1 lol after that we went to the eastern hills mall, where we still didn’t find anything we liked then we went to this pet shop in the mall and i fell in love with this red corn snake uhhh i want it so bad. but anyways so were walking through the store looking at the fish and then we hear this noise in the back and its saying "hello" and i’m like whos talking to me so we look in the little window space in between fish bowls and its this big red parrot talking to us lmao it was hilarious he kept saying "Hi’, "Hello", "Goodbye" omg it was so funny. after that we convinced my mommy to go to tully’s =] and we had these really good blue rasberry lemonades(emy was completely obsessed with the sugar they put on the rim) and of course the yummy chicken fingers. then i took emy to her first sabres game in 10 years where i taught her proper hockey etiquet and we met up with my cousin ang and her husband mike in between periods. and it was really cool cuz everyone was there jeff and andy were next to me and wayne and mary were on emys side and red was even back it was cool. but we lost for a lead of 3-1 to 4-3 in a shootout and we lost the shootout cuz darcy regier is a fucking moron and he got rid of kotalik dumbass

so pic is me and em during the 2nd intermission. the quote is from wayne to emy saying "If this is your first game in 10 years and they lose this game with a 3-1 lead your not allowed back" lmao. then came home chilled with em til she got picked up and then i watched "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" which was pretty funny, i love russell brand lmao and i had no idea that the guy from how i met your mother actually wrote the movie

SOTD: "Saw Her Standing There" by THE BEATLES


Day 51/365 "I wonder if sabres fans boo there relatives when they move away"

Day 51/365 "I wonder if sabres fans boo there relatives when they move away"
good day. went to eddies open ice family skate that was fun i haven’t skated in 4 years so i was tough to get used to it again. after that went to pet smart then went to my dads and played wii fit and rock band =] then me and my dad went to the sabres game where we won 4-2 it was a great game this guy sitting next me was from boston and it was his first hockey game ever it was cool cuz he was really nice and funny me and my dad were talking to him all night. after that went to mighty and home. we started watching pineapple express but my dad fell asleep so were gonna watch it wednesday.

so pic is me with nickys foam finger lol. hockey is my favorite sport and the sabres r my fav team we have season tickets so i go to a bunch of games. my dad said the quote, its so annoying that ever game we go to when a guy who played for buffalo gets the puck the fans boo wtf come on they played great were us and when they get traded or leave we boo them come on don’t be ridiculous stupid people lol

SOTD: "Bounce" by The Cab